Welcome to A Kingdom Heartbeat

Passion. Passion is a powerful thing. It can either compel us to draw near, or it can drive us away. It can feed life, or fuel its destruction.  Passion has the power to either guide us or derail us.  God's passion isn't like ours. His passion extends the invitation of intimacy, offers the security of belonging, and promises the nearness of His presence.  But we are so easily distracted and exhausted by our own passions we fail to see or experience what is truly important. Life becomes a big blur of hacking our way through a hot jungle  rather than the refreshment of walking with a loving King in the cool of His vineyard.  And while jungle hacking and desert hiking are unavoidable in this life, even in those difficult journeys God woos and invites us to a place of refreshment and restoration.  In the midst of suffocating chaos, and the squeezing urgency of have-to's dictating our every move, God invites us into the get-to's .  In Matthew 11:28-30 Jesus says, 28 “ Come

The Control Conundrum (part 1)

  Do you ever wrestle with control?  Have you tried to control things only to have it all blow up in your face?  I have been described as a doer and a go-getter and confess I used to embrace those descriptions like badges of honor pinned to my chest; something to be proud of. But as the Lord continues to mold my character more into His image, I’ve begun re-evaluating things.  Could my cherished badges of honor actually be chains around my ankles dragging me down and enslaving me?  Go-getters are good at going. And going. And going! Like the need for speed, the sense of control and achievement falsely promises a thrill that neither lasts nor is sustainable.  Sometimes the thrill itself can become the destination. Other times, the pursuit of control masquerades as something honorable: But Lord, I care and I’m capable!  I see something others are missing!  I have to step in and do something about this!  These are inner conversations I would have with myself right before (re)acting. Have y

When Fun Doesn't Fulfill

Have you every felt so weary that all you longed for was just a little bit of fun? Something to distract you from the crushing weight of responsibility? The monotony of daily life? A recent loss? Our two rescue pups delight in snow. With ears flapping wildly behind, they prance about, nuzzling their noses into the frozen wonderment. They are fully enraptured and momentarily satisfied.  Why only momentarily satisfied? Because fun doesn't sustain.  Fun is great fun, but it does little to help us negotiate our pain, sorrow, frustration, or suffering.  I know this from personal experience.  It's much easier to ignore a pain through distraction or think time alone will heal than to courageously address it. But that is equivalent to running around in the snow with wild abandonment. Soon you have to come back inside, and yes, the snow won't last. We may bring the snow inside in an attempt to feed on it, but soon find it only results in brain freeze and the eventual numbing of our