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When Fun Doesn't Fulfill

Have you every felt so weary that all you longed for was just a little bit of fun? Something to distract you from the crushing weight of responsibility? The monotony of daily life? A recent loss? Our two rescue pups delight in snow. With ears flapping wildly behind, they prance about, nuzzling their noses into the frozen wonderment. They are fully enraptured and momentarily satisfied.  Why only momentarily satisfied? Because fun doesn't sustain.  Fun is great fun, but it does little to help us negotiate our pain, sorrow, frustration, or suffering.  I know this from personal experience.  It's much easier to ignore a pain through distraction or think time alone will heal than to courageously address it. But that is equivalent to running around in the snow with wild abandonment. Soon you have to come back inside, and yes, the snow won't last. We may bring the snow inside in an attempt to feed on it, but soon find it only results in brain freeze and the eventual numbing of our