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The Control Conundrum (part 1)

  Do you ever wrestle with control?  Have you tried to control things only to have it all blow up in your face?  I have been described as a doer and a go-getter and confess I used to embrace those descriptions like badges of honor pinned to my chest; something to be proud of. But as the Lord continues to mold my character more into His image, I’ve begun re-evaluating things.  Could my cherished badges of honor actually be chains around my ankles dragging me down and enslaving me?  Go-getters are good at going. And going. And going! Like the need for speed, the sense of control and achievement falsely promises a thrill that neither lasts nor is sustainable.  Sometimes the thrill itself can become the destination. Other times, the pursuit of control masquerades as something honorable: But Lord, I care and I’m capable!  I see something others are missing!  I have to step in and do something about this!  These are inner conversations I would have with myself right before (re)acting. Have y